Is this your first time making a homemade pastry for your family? You might be either nervous or excited right now! But you should not be nervous as all, as pastry making is easy if you are willing to follow some guidelines and tips used by numerous experienced cooks. But before you can start with your pastry cooking, you should comprar ingredientes reposteria (buy pastry ingredients) you will need the following:

  • Pastry Flour.

In pastry making, you have to use good quality flour. How can you tell? The flour should be dry and it should be sieve before use to remove any lumps due to its air content. This will generally help lighten the pastry.

  • Salt for Pasty making.

Adding a little amount of salt in a pastry is a must to improve its flavor. You should use a fine salt rather than the coarse type of salts for your pastry.

  • Water for your pastry making.

In pastry making, water is said to be the most suitable mixing liquid but it should be cold and fresh. If you are going for a rich pastry, a little lemon juice can make the pastry crisper.

  • Egg for pastry making.

If your pastry requires an egg or an egg yolk, you should remove the egg from the fridge until they come to a room temperature.

Now that we are done with the general pastry ingredients, let us discuss the following tips:

  1. All your pastry ingredients and other utensils should be kept cold as much as possible.
  2. Your pastry should be handled as little and as lightly as possible.
  3. Your short crust pastry should be quickly made in a food processor.
  4. A sufficient amount of water should be mixed evenly with pliable dough. Too much amount of water can make the pastry hard.
  5. You must learn how to knead lightly by using your fingertips drawing the edges of the dough towards the center and turning the pastry to a lightly floured board.
  6. You most roll it out with short sharp strokes with the rolling pin away from you. You must remember that you should turn the pastry and not the rolling pin.
  7. When it comes to rich pastries, it can be improved when you keep it in the fridge and when you relax between rolling.
  8. If you want to, you can make a pastry even if you do not need it yet because you can leave it in the fridge, wrapped in a cling to a firm.
  9. Before starting your pastry, you should collect the needed equipment and weigh up all your ingredients. This will prevent wasting time in summing up the needed ingredients and materials.
  10. The majority of pastry can freeze well. Even it’s baked, unbaked. So to save you a lot of time, you can make another batch of pastry and freeze it for your next use.

Now that you are familiar with the tips and guidelines in pastry making, you can now start making a delicious pastry for your whole family.