If you are a condo dweller or lives in a small room apartment or unit, a sofa bed is the first furniture that comes in handy. Of course, you need to buy other furniture like dining table and chairs, closets, etc and appliances like a ref and TV.

Shopping for the necessities can be done through furniture stores and depots, garage sales, and the best option which is easy and fast, without undergoing the hassle and bustle of going to and from for each item is online. You just have to be equipped with tons of money loaded onto your credit or debit card, to be able to order what you need to purchase.

Since the most needed furniture is a bed, you can just buy a sofa bed to ensure a good night sleep or even an afternoon nap. What can a sofa bed do? A sofa bed is a couch or a sofa and bed in one. A metal frame is hidden underneath the seating cushions and a thin mattress that can be unfolded to serve as a bed.

Tienda-Muebles-Online is an online shopping website that offers the best sofa beds and offering free delivery and assembly for over € 100 purchases within 20 kilometers from their shop. Tienda –muebles is now offering four of the best sofa beds online:

  1. Sofa cama mod. The Azores only cost € 180.00, the cheapest and available in chocolate color upholstery with stainless steel legs. It has a width of 188, seat 90 and height of 90 opening to a bed of 188 by 115
  2. Sofa cama mod. Roma at € 245.00, the next sofa bed online available in multicolor in the shades of gray and red can open into a bed with a width of 193 and a fund of 130.
  3. Sofa cama mod. Eddy, a style that cost € 250.00 chocolate colored upholstery with chrome legs, that opens to a bed with a width of 188 and fund 123.
  4. Sofa cama mod. Monza, the biggest and best-looking sofa bed currently on sale online at €525.00, got a width 165 x fund 95 x height 95. When open it does have a look of a real bed with a headboard. Included are two big pillows and two throw pillows in cream while the bed itself is chocolate colored creating a very attractive combination.

To ensure that you will be able to attain the durability of the furniture for a long time, you must make sure that it is maintained properly. Clean it by using a soft dry moisture and dry jabonosa solution.  Never use ammonia, solvent or any abrasive product. Always place it away from sources of moisture or heat.

Keep in mind that sofa beds actually epitomizes efficiency, since it’s furniture that can work like two furniture in one and only occupies half of the space. Sofa beds come in a variety of colors and materials making up for stylish seating and sleeping solution. There are types of mattress to choose from that will ensure that you are seating and sleeping in a comfortable sofa bed. You can choose an air cushion, innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress or air coil mattress.

Be ready with your credit/debit card and shop online now which is the fastest and the best way to buy furniture and fixtures online. Choose and buy from a wide variety of cheap priced furniture over € 100 that can be delivered and assembled for free within 20 km radius from our store.