Coral Springs is known as the City in the Country and has become a premier South Florida community, boosting of abundant parks, numerous athletic programs, attractive neighborhoods and quality schools. Coral Springs was just part of a huge tract of land that was acquired by Henry “Bud” Lyons which is over 20,000 acres of marshy wilderness. Lyons cleared and drained the land to grow beans and after a series of wet hurricanes that flooded much of South Florida, the State had build canals and levees to further drain the land that would later become Coral Springs.

There was a real estate boom in South Florida after WWII and Coral Ridge Properties had developed communities in the Broward County and constructed the Covered Bridge which is now a Florida Heritage site. Coral Ridge Properties had strictly enacted landscaping and sign laws that were designed to create a beautiful and natural looking town from the beginning.

To ensure that Coral Springs landscaping laws are strictly followed by their residents, landscape maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner, including the maintenance of all plant materials, maintaining waterline or roadway, and maintaining and trimming vegetation and trees. The minimum landscape requirements are the installation of ground cover, trees and/or shrubs within the property. Planting of street trees are required for all properties, 1 for every 40 feet of frontage with a minimum of 1 tree for each single family home to create beautiful tree-lined streets to be enjoyed throughout the City neighborhood.

Homeowners are required to maintain landscaping to ensure a neat, healthy and orderly condition of vegetation, by mowing, trimming, watering, weeding and fertilizing lawns, plants and trees within the property, canal banks and street frontages. The lawn had to be kept trimmed to less than 8-inch in height, hedges should be well-trimmed in order not to exceed 10 feet and shade trees must not be planted within 25 feet from existing streetlight. An existing tree which is closer than 25 feet needs to be pruned to keep streetlights and signages visible for safety.

Property owners are responsible for replacing landscaping that had been removed or had died and wilted, including trees, shrubs, and lawn or turf grass. ET Landscaping offers these services in Coral Springs landscaping and is eligible to do lawn maintenance, sod installation/maintenance, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, fertilizing, sprinkler repair and a lot more!