Hell hath no fury like a company keen on dominating social media. Facebook is absolutely on full throttle in stomping Snapchat dead on its track. Snapchat which is Facebook’s number 1 competitor in terms of usage and members offers a lot of stuff that Facebook and Instagram can’t, like the ability to send fun filtered and stickered photos and videos with 10 second to 24 hour lifespan depending on your choice.

Because of this unique feature Snapchat’s fame skyrocketed and recently (last August 2016 to be exact) Instagram ripped Snapchat of its main selling point and released a new feature called “Instagram Stories” which is basically the same thing except it’s in the Instagram Platform. Millions of Instagram users rejoiced as it changed the game how to gain Instagram followers.

And why not? Instead of using 3 apps with different purposes altogether you can now use only one with Instagram Stories and now with Facebook Messenger’s new update. But it’s important to note that even with Messenger’s new update its impact to Instagram Stories would not be as great of an impact compared to Snapchat since Facebook owns Instagram too.

But it has its caveats, because Facebook Messenger’s users are different from Instagram users in all of the demographics. For example not everyone has Facebook Messenger but almost everyone has Instagram, the new update specifically targets those people who do not have the Messenger app installed in their phones and those who have Instagram or both apps installed in their phones are hell-bent in making sure they stop using Snapchat all together.

Though, it has no direct damage to Instagram, because it is still the visual social media of choice, something that Facebook would never attain, but it begs the question why use Snapchat when you can use either Instagram Stories or Facebook Messenger. Because Facebook’s motto is if you can’t buy them, rip them off. Snapchat’s lifespan of their post is a double edged sword. It is both its strength and weakness.

If you’re an artist or an online entrepreneur you need permanency in digital and mobile presense, and let’s face it Snapchat is good in building that sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) an urge of human nature extremely scalable and pliable and effective to millennials which brands exploring the Snapchat platform gained monumental success but that’s about it.

If Snapchat lets it identity be ripped off by the social media Overlord which comes in entity of Facebook then we’ll see the fall of Snapchat as we know it. Unless Snapchat ups its game and build something that Facebook and other apps can’t replicate.