A website that loads after a “thousand years” of waiting is annoying already, but a blocked website is worst. It is true that the internet access has become a worldwide necessity. Not just in first and second world countries, but also in third world countries. However, internet access comes with a whole lot more than entertainment and convenience.

Internet Censorship

Censorship on the internet has also become a worldwide problem for some users especially for those countries that are affected by geographical restrictions. Geographical restrictions might sound selfish but it is a kind of wall that some websites use to protect their system against foreign hackers. Restricting access is not only seen in a geographical manner, it is also used by some organizations and experts like network administrators.

This is to prevent users from opening irrelevant websites in schools, offices, and colleges. For instance, some schools and colleges allow their students and school personnel to have an access to school’s Wi-Fi. But, websites like YouTube and porn sites are blocked obviously because they don’t need them.

In fact, the most common blocked websites on offices and schools are social media sites, because they are believed to be unnecessary.

Proxy Servers

Today, blocked or restricted websites are no longer a problem if you have HighProxies at your back. Over the years, HighProxies has made a lot of satisfied clients with their private proxies and shared proxies. These so called proxy servers from HighProxies are proved to be effective nowadays for bringing down walls. Hence, anyone can already access blocked websites with the help of HighProxies proxy servers.

Proxy servers have a lot of uses aside from accessing blocked websites. Proxy servers from HighProxies can open cached web pages, and loads data faster.

Stored Cache

Aside from a little help from HighProxies proxy servers, stored cache from servers can help you access data from blocked websites. Most search engines store a cache of web pages that have been accessed before it was blocked. Instead of directing you to the blocked website, search engines like Google can give you a copy of cache from the same web page.


Blocked sites can be caused by your ISP sometimes. In this case, you can access blocked sites by reconfiguring your DNS server. DNS servers can resolve some restricted site problems upon request with an IP address.

Did I solve your problem so far? There are more solutions to blocked websites, but since what you need is an instant result, opting for proxy servers is the best thing that you should go for.