Would it be amazing if you can harvest fruits in your own backyard? That would be awesome! You do not have to buy fruits in the market and you’ll save money as well. If you are excited with the idea, you should start your viveros de frutales (fruit tree nurseries) today!

Yes, you can do that! All you have to do is start your own viveros de frutales (fruit tree nurseries) and wait until your fruit trees are ready for harvest. But, before that day arrives, you should take good care of your fruit trees to ensure that it’s healthy and will give delicious fruits.

To do so, you should follow these tips expert fruits tree growers have used for years.

Always Consider the Fruit Nursery’s Location

For your fruit trees to grow, full exposure to the sun is vital for your trees to survive as well as the well-drained soil. But they are certain types of varieties that are forgiving when it comes to an imperfect situation or condition. For instance, pears, plums, and apples can put up with a poor drainage and less exposure to the sun.

Properly Planting of Trees

Deciduous trees or trees that shed their leaves every year are naturally sold in containers during the growing season and on bare-root during the dormant season. To keep your fruit trees healthy, it is important that you plant bare root trees once you bought them.

To do so, you should dig a hole about twice the size of your tree container. Fill the container with a mixture of native soil and building compost. Then, cover the upper part with 2-3 inch compost. Although fruit trees have low-maintenance once they are settled, paying close attention to its growth can result to more abundant harvest.

Watering of the Newly Planted Fruit Trees

The newly planted fruit trees require a greater amount of water compared to the already established trees. Provide a generous amount of water every time the top two inches of the soil dry out and do it regularly until the trees are established. Once they do, they won’t need as much water but, periodic deep soaking is advice if you want a juicier crop.

Fertilizing of the Trees

It is common for expert garden growers to regularly fertilize their trees but for a backyard grower like you, you only need a bit of fertilizer now and then. If your trees are growing well, it is a sign that they’re getting all the nutrients they need but if they do not, it is a sign that you need to apply an organic fertilizer in the early spring for the boost they need.

Fighting Diseases and Pests

Similar to other plants, fruit trees can also be hit by pests and diseases. For deciduous fruit trees, prevent them from getting sick by applying an organic oil spray during the leafless season. The oil can end the pests and kill overwintering eggs.

Do not rely much on fruits available in the market if you can have your own fruits in your own backyard. What are you waiting for? Start with your viveros de frutales (fruit tree nurseries) and enjoy its lasting benefits.