When people talk about landscapes, what comes to mind are the physical elements of geophysically defined landforms such as mountains and hills; water bodies like rivers, lakes, and the sea; living elements that cover the land such as trees and shrubs; buildings and structures; transitory elements such as lighting. People who love nature want to have them in miniature version incorporated within the comfort of their home. They want to enjoy the great outdoors without traveling further off the city or beach but to enjoy it by just peering outside their home.

A Small Patch of Lawn: A Cleaner Environment

One of the best feelings of being outdoors is the ability to walk on barefoot on the grass, feel the wetness and absorb the greenness. It makes you feel carefree and absorbed by nature in just a small patch of well-mowed grass in your lawn. It’s no wonder more homeowners are looking forward to have their lawns enhanced by reliable company known for landscaping Boca Raton like ET Landscaping. Besides, that small patch of lawn can also contribute to a cleaner environment.

An enhanced lawn can have a few trees, shrubs, flowers, a small pond with a cute bridge, stone pathways, a flowing fountain, and anything that can make it a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day with friends and families. But one thing in lawn that is always present is the grass. There are limitless types of grass that can be installed in your lawn and one that’s becoming popular is the use of fescue or “to-go grass” due to its warm green color that can fit into Mediterranean climate like what South Florida has.

The Shade Grass

Fescue is known as “shade grass” and genus Festuca has 300 species with different uses and benefits after all the research and science made to develop better fescue for disease tolerance, drought, and heat resistance as well as insect resistance. The modern and improved fescue variety of grasses can provide beautiful lawns that are shade tolerant, require low input and can survive in South Florida compared with its cool season contemporaries.

There are two types of fescue, the ornamental and the turf. The turf version spread by creeping rhizomes while the ornamental version is clumping grasses that don’t tend to choke or push delicate plants surrounding them. Tall fescue can fight soil erosion, cover athletic fields and commercial sites due to its high tolerance to heavy-foot traffic.

Soil temperature between 50 to 65 degrees allows fescue to germinate within 10 to 14 days during spring and in summer needs irrigation for survival. This type of grass needs minimal maintenance. Thus, ET Landscaping can to install and maintain it for any client who seeks services on landscaping Boca Raton.