Men grow a beard to boost their standing among other men making them seem to be stronger, older and more aggressive. It doesn’t necessarily mean that growing a beard is linked to testosterone levels. There are a lot of men sporting beards, and one will be confronted with different shapes and sizes of groomed or less groomed facial hair ranging from designer stubble to hipster beards to waxed mustaches.

When men pay attention to their appearance it is normally assumed that they’re just looking for partners. It seems that in times when a greater proportion of single men are competing for fewer women, mustaches and beards become more fashionable. It’s often not enough to be simply just attractive, but a man needs to be more aggressive when it comes to gaining a woman’s attention. Sporting a beard definitely, has its plus factor.

Most of the men sporting a beard or a mustache in order to look manly to show their masculinity since it invoke power, control, and dominance. Masculinity has a lot of effect on men and is drawn to the idea of facial hair. It is one of the few hallmarks of masculinity that is relatively permanent and physical. Other masculine aspects had to be performed repeatedly while beards just sort of sit on the face that reassuringly project masculinity to the whole world.

Bearded men had always made heads turn and there’s something about a well-groomed bearded man that can make women stop and stare. Other faults can also be noticed, such a the way a not-so-sexy scruff can feel against the face or there’s a hair that’s askew.

In order to maintain facial hair using beard oil (aceite para barba) is necessary to have the beard looking unbelievably good. It will take care of beard ruff, beard itch and the general texture of how the beard feels. Beard oil is made up of carrier oil and essential oil. Adding ingredients like Vitamin E is added to high-end beard oils. Carrier oil is derived from seeds and nuts such as jojoba, argan, sweet almond, grape seeds, and much more. They are used since they are all natural and have dynamic hydrating/moisturizing abilities to the skin and hair follicles.

Beard oils that cost more typically contains several essential oils such as citrus, lavender, sandalwood, tea tree and a lot of limitless options to determine the scent of any beard oil. Essential oil like tea tree and sandalwood are natural antiseptics that can clean out pores to reduce acne’s occurrence when applied.

After a man had grown his beard for over a month, itchiness is felt due to the lack of sebum oil from the tiny sebaceous glands and the application of beard oil will greatly reduce the itchy feeling. When beard oil hasn’t been applied over the beard for an extended period of time, the growth of beard ruff is born. It is actually dandruff on the beard which happens when skin begins to flake. Beard oil acts like a much-needed bucket of water splashed over the face to wash and clean the face.

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