Are you looking for something new that can make your night more fun? Well, you can mix the fun and pleasure in one night in a different way by trying out some foreplay games. If one can’t seem to satisfy your night, don’t worry because there are more or less 100 foreplay games that you can try. As a matter of fact, your imagination will be the only limit to the fun.

You can mix it up after trying one after another to see which one works best with you and your partner. Spicing up your bedroom doesn’t always mean getting those floggers and chains out of your box and into your playroom like what Christian Grey calls it. Sometimes, it can come from combining fun and pleasure with the right tools and the right mood. So get ready and unleash the sexy tiger in you with these fun games collected by TheDatingDivas that definitely involves a juguete erotico (erotic toy):

  1. Private affairs

If you love cards, this game with 500 cards definitely get you and your partner spilling the beans. Each card drops thought-provoking topics about intimacy and relationship. Spill it, tiger!

  1. It’s a love match

If you find a classic memory game exciting enough, this intimate memory game that is completely free and printable can give you a sizzling spin! Create blinding sparks between you and your partner. Watch out, you might set your bed on fire!

  1. The bedroom game

Discover the hidden desires of your partner with this game that contains 6 categories. Deal with up to 90 cards and experience new delights that would keep you both on giving!

  1. Simon says

As much as kids love this game, you’ll surely love to play this too with your partner. Let your Simon dictate your night and be the sexy follower.

  1. Sizzling truth or dare

If you and your partner are just starting, this will work out best to know some things about each other. This old-time favorite game never fails to bring some excitement.

  1. Poker for lovers

Are you ready to bet for love? If you love playing pokers, you’ll find this game more exciting and interesting x10! Just remember to bet only what you are ready to loose in this game.

  1. Sealed with a kiss

How much do you know or tried in kissing? If you want to expand your knowledge about kissing, this game is the best teacher for you. Plus, you can enjoy the bonus of passion and a whole lot more in kissing.

  1. Strip trivia

If you can’t wait for the fire within you to set free, this tease game will surely hit the right spot. Get ready to throw steamy questions prepare for third-degree burns in the end (metaphorically speaking).

  1. Amour tempt Tease romance kit

This Tease romance kit is full of surprises with a lot of tickling and teasing!

Whatever game you prefer from this list, you can match it with different kinds of juguete erotico. Each game combined with a juguete erotico will surely leave you and your partner begging for more. For a wide range of juguete erotico, visit the online shop of Mi Juguete Secreto is a win-win online shop for all types of erotic toy!