Parkland is a tranquil city of a diverse community, nestled in a serene, wooded environment in the Northwest Broward County in the South Florida area. Its features are predominantly residential while a small portion is zoned for industrial and commercial development. Parkland City leaders are using the conservative approach to growth to ensure maintains a small-town, park-like environment.

The City of Parkland consists of multipurpose trails, bike paths, sidewalks, and sports field, Equestrian Center, Doris Davis Forman Wilderness Preserve and the Liberty Park. When the Pine Trails Park is completed the amenities will consist of a Community Center, an Amphitheater, pavilions, restrooms, four tee-ball fields, fishing pier, and boardwalks.

Parkland has a mission of preserving the character of their city by developing and maintaining the highest quality of landscaping and native habitat for both public and private lands. Their goal is to maintain the splendor of the City’s natural landscape by meeting the challenges of conserving the ecological integrity of Parkland.

Strict Parkland landscaping requirements impose that residents and landscaping companies be aware of information about plants that are approved for general landscaping, right trees and right places guidelines, backyard wildlife habitats, commemorative trees, landscape best management practices, recycling, plants recognized as a nuisance, wetlands, watering restrictions, and green programs.

Restrictions had to be followed and ET Landscaping is aware of Parkland’s landscaping requirements and had strictly followed them for more than 30 years of being in the landscaping industry. The company had always adhered to the nine  Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles:

  • Planting the right plant in the right place
  • Ensure lawns are watered and irrigated efficiently
  • Fertilize appropriately as per recommended rates and application timings to avoid leaching rather being absorbed by plant roots
  • Use mulch to retain soil moisture, inhibit growth of weeds and protect plants
  • Select plants with fruit, foliage, seeds, berries, or flowers to attract wildlife such as butterflies, birds, bats and others who had been displaced due to urbanization.
  • Manage yard pests responsibly by selecting pest-resistant plants and do spot treatment rather than blanket spraying to create and sustain a low-maintenance, healthy and cost-efficient landscape that uses limited chemicals for the health of the family and the environment
  • Recycle yard wastes that came from doing landscape maintenance such as pruning, mowing and raking of leaves, weeds, grass clippings, plant trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds, pine needles and much more
  • Reduce storm water runoff by maintaining permeable driveways, walkways, and patios made of brick, gravel, crushed shell or earth in order to allow rain to soak into the ground rather than cause havoc to the water quality and the fragile water resources
  • Protect the waterfront or any water body by maintaining a 10-foot maintenance free zone

ET Landscaping offer services that will help any Parkland resident to follow the 9 principles to help reach the goal of having a Florida-Friendly lawn and ground. ET Landscaping offer services such as landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree removal, tree trimming, sod installation/maintenance, fertilizing, stump grinding, sprinkler repair, and others.

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