Drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages had been a method of celebrating all types of occasion. Feb. 18 was celebrated as Drink Wine Day, although not officially declared a holiday, there will no one to oppose this day of celebration.

There are over 21 wine-related celebrations which include these days where the last falls on December 31, New Year’s Eve:


  • National Mulled Wine Day
  • Malbec World Day
  • Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • World Moscato Day
  • National Wine Day
  • National Chardonnay Day
  • International Coq Au Vin Day
  • National Rose Wine Day
  • National Wine and Cheese Day
  • National White Wine Day
  • National Pinot Noir Day
  • Red Wine Day
  • International Cabernet Day
  • International Merlot Day
  • National Wine Tasting Day
  • International Tempranillo Day
  • Wine Tourism Day
  • National Zinfandel Day
  • Sangria Day and Champagne Day


Last Aug. 13, the National Prosecco Day had been celebrated for the existence of an Italian sparkling wine. Prosecco has a flowery, fruity, light flavor and is a bit cheaper than champagne since it’s being manufactured using a much cheaper method, not the traditional method known for manufacturing champagne.

Drinks had always been used to define the nature of an occasion and for many in the Western culture, champagne had always been synonymous with celebration. Austrians drink sekt on formal occasions and schnapps for a more intimate, convivial gathering. In the US, wine is appropriate for a meal, wine and spirits are acceptable drinks for celebratory events and beer is considered the most appropriate drink for informal and relaxing occasions.

The French drink aperitif before a meal, white wine is served before red, while brandy and digestifs are served only at the end of a meal.

Although there’s a flurry of headlines concerning wine drinking, there are certain health benefits that can be gained from moderate wine consumption as defined by the American Heart Association and that is to take one or two four-ounce glasses daily. Wine drinkers got 34% lower mortality rate compared to beer and spirits drinkers, which is why it promotes longevity.

It can reduce heart-attack risk since moderate drinkers who are suffering from high blood pressure had been found out to be 30% less likely to have a heart attack than those who don’t drink at all and can even reduce risks of type 2 diabetes. With the reduction of risk in heart-attack, moderate wine drinking reduces the possibility of suffering from blood clot-related strokes. Color cancer and cataract risks are reduced as well as evidenced by findings of researchers and studies by experts. Brain functions seem to decline faster for non-wine drinkers as compared to those who consume a moderate amount of wine, which means that Alzheimer’s disease or dementia will be delayed or may not occur at all. Great!

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