Amongst men and women, who do you think use leather bags a lot?

To tell you what, it’s a tie because surveys revealed that both men and women are using leather bags for their daily activities. But, unlike before wherein you can easily tell if the bag is authentic or not, these days you need to exert some effort just to be sure that the leather bug you’ve purchased is authentic especially if you are going to purchase your Bolsos de piel online / leather bags online.

As you spend money for your expensive leather bag, you want to ensure that you are putting your money on something with great value and you do not want to end up with a piece of bag that eventually cracks, the stitches are undone and the hardware begins to rust.

To ensure that you’ll buy a quality leather bag online, you should know what to look for like the following:

  • The type of leather used to make the bag.

Similar to the shoes and jacket, you should choose a bag that made out of full grain leather. This kind of leather is made out of top-quality leather that gets even more fantastic after years of use. You should avoid leather bags that are made of bonded leather for the reason that these kinds of bags are made with scrap pieces of leather which are reworked with chemicals and plastics.

As bonded leather bags aged, it does not age well at all.

  • The bags tanning process.

You must know that bags and cases are not prepared the same way. You have to be knowledgeable when it comes to the difference of chrome tanning and vegetable tanning for the reason that it can greatly affect the price of the bag.

  • The bags country of origin.

In general, the origin of the leather determines the quality of the bag. Certain countries are known for creating quality leather bags like England, France, and the US. But now, manufacturers take advantage of these countries because as they try to capitalize by doing all the work in a certain country and simply finish the bag on the following countries. Making it harder for consumers like you to ensure if the bag you bought is premium or not.

  • The bags durability and handwork.

When it comes to leather bags, the best ones come from leathers with the highest level of durability. Good leather bags are a professional work of art and it’s not all about putting things together. Two things are involved when it come durability, the careful selection of leather and the precise way of stitching.

After the durability, you should check the bags handwork. The stitches of the bag should be straight and are not easily noticed by the naked eye.

As you look for the following things and you’ve ensured that they are all present, you can confirm to yourself that you have purchased a real and durable leather bag. What are you waiting for? Buy your leather bag today!